Reimagine early-stage architectural design with a Virtual and Mixed-Reality builder.

Introduction to Schema

This is a high level description of what schema is as a whole

Build your Designs in Minutes, inside of Virtual or Mixed Reality

Our service replaces the need for costly design revisions, in favor of an agile and immersive process. Schema is integrated with current architectural flows and will export to OBJ and FBX.

Design and Create Building Blueprints in Real-time, in 3D space.

Access your work anywhere with an internet connection using cloud storage.

Easily share your models on the web, or in VR/MR with clients.

Interactive sunlight simulation allows you to adjust the direction of the sun.

Multi-platform: Use your VR or AR headset of choice. Schema works with all core headsets.

View models in real-time life-scale or from a birds-eye view.

Multi-user: Invite others into your design. Walk around the building with them in VR, and make edits on the fly.

A Web Service Designed for Organizations

Users and clients can view blueprint designs through the Schema web portal. Our web service allows your administrators to manage Schema teams quickly and without fuss. An easy to use version control system for blueprint files is currently in development.

Cross-functional Capabilities.

Soon, multiple users will be able to work on the same model in real time. Schema has the ability to connect between multiple platforms in the same session.

Supported Platforms

Closed Alpha Partners